missing a $7 post

And so the weekend had passed without me even thinking of going online. I got too pre-occupied with Christmas shopping, family dinner and DVD marathons. The result? I missed a $7 post.

It was sent to me Saturday afternoon. At that time, I was probably swimming beneath a pile of Guess clothing, in search of a fine new top for me. Oh dear, what a chance I missed. This is what I get from being a delinquent blogger.

My husband told me not to fret, that I'll be getting a new task soon. Yeah, be proactive Jan! I hope I get a new chance soon.

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Unknown said...

It's okay sis :) It happens to all the bloggers ;)

No worries since there's always a next time. Btw, here's an award to lift up your mood - http://reejane.blogspot.com/2008/12/wonder-woman-award.html :)