coffee break ver. 1.47

Everywhere we go, the spirit of Christmas is present. Children singing carols. The city filled with glowing lights and trinkets. Shopping malls offering their items in big discounts. People carrying a warmer than usual smile. Parties and reunions here and there. Bumper to bumper traffic.

We all have our own memories of Christmas, both the merry and the not so merry times. In this month of December, we will have feel-good coffee break conversations about Christmas. After all, this season is really the best time to feel joyful. Not because of the gifts we will be receiving. Not because of the parties we will be attending. Not because of the bonuses our pockets will be getting. Christmas is a joyful occasion because it is the time when we can reach out to people as we proclaim to the world the gift of having that child in the manger.

Credits: NBX_xmas tree
Traci Turchin_garden evening kit paper


The Wifey's Journal said...

Thanks for another round of coffee!


oh, the pizza looks great! monstrous talaga. the taste? normal. hehe... best eaten with the sauce included.

Fresh Pair PH said...

The food at midnight.

As a kid, I enjoyed eating. A lot. But I never got fat back then. But today, well, that would be another story :)

i'm babie said...

thanks jan! merry christmas!


ART'S WIFE said...

thanks for your coffee break jan! it was good pondering about my childhood. :)


Eds said...

Thanks for inviting me Jan! Here's mine: http://edsnanquil.com/?p=1222

I really love the question and I had fun answering it!:)

Unknown said...

Hi sis! Sorry at super late na ang sagot ko - http://reejane.blogspot.com/2008/12/coffee-break-ver-147.html

shweepea16 said...

my favorite memory is gathering around the bonfire all wrapped in our sweaters with hot chocolate to keep me, my siblings and cousins warm.. watching the fireworks and waiting till midnight for santa clause and noche buena... =D

G said...

Here's mine sis!-http://gmemoirs.blogspot.com/2008/12/coffee-break-ver-147.html

Thanks for inviting me, that was a good taste of coffee and a nice break ;)