hail UP oblation

My husband and I are proud UPians. Proud meaning, we would do anything to proclaim to the world how much the University of the Philippines has changed us, mentally, emotionally and politically. The UP System has played a major role on how we rationalize on things, especially if it concerns our government. All the days spent in the University of the Philippines, from college up to the days of our graduate studies, are valued. The fraternity riots. The rally and boycott-the-class days. The Unos and Cincos. The UP fairs. Dropping out of Math 17. The Ikot and Toki rides. The Sunken
Garden nights. The Isaw gimiks. The Chocolate Kiss dinners. All these experiences weave a colorful blanket of memories.

Proclaiming to the world the greatness of the University of the Philippines on its
Centennial Year has come close to me and my husband. Receiving a message about featuring 100 male UP students, alumni, faculty and staff for a photo shoot entitled Hail UP Oblation was an invitation we just couldn't resist. My husband, though reluctant at first, eventually embraced the idea of posing beside the UP Oblation wearing nothing but a flesh-colored tanga covered with a fig leaf. With an objective the photos will be featured at Time Magazine in celebration of UP's Centennial Year, with a wide grin, we blocked off the date and headed our way to the UP Ampitheather last December 13 at 4:30 in the morning.

What a historical day it was! Years from now, I can imagine myself proudly showing my crease-filled copy of Time Magazine to our grandchildren, "
That's your Lolo imitating the UP Oblation!"

100 live UP oblation men at the frontpage of Philippine Daily Inquirer
and other leading newspapers
(There's my proud husband!)

Here's a wacky shot of the group
(Hubby is 2nd from the right, arms in the air)

View more photos at Aei's multiply.

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