being an educator

The last time I felt this tired was a year ago when I had to cram for some documents needed at work. Now, the reason for my screaming bones is still work-related because so many things are happening all at the same time. I am not ranting though. Because despite the hectic schedule (I couldn't even call my husband), a lot of realizations couldn't escape from my reflective mind.

Our Lower School Recognition is tomorrow and Graduation on Sunday. The gowns I shall be wearing on both events are ready. The shimmery pair of shoes have been bought too. Although graduation means the end of the school year, for us educators it actually means the start of a fresh year. While all our students are having their summer vacation, we are in our work areas preparing for their comeback after about 90 days.

Being an educator is a very challenging yet rewarding profession. Aside from the paperworks
, we are 24/7 on-call if our students or their parents need us. Very similar to call center agents, you might say. But in this line of work, there's more to it than just the time. Being an educator, we get to touch, encourage and inspire today's youth.


blogging via 3G

Wow, dig this. I'm blogging through my phone's 3G! This is so cool, isn't it. I wonder when I could try blogging using Samsung Omnia's wifi. Aherm. With the current global financial crisis, buying a touchphone is the least of my priorities. 3G is ok with me for now.


dreaming about dreams

Weird. This morning, a sense of calmness reigned on me while I listened to this 80s song called These Dreams. As if that wasn't enough, I even had to look for its lyrics so I could reflect deeply on what the song says. Popularized by the hit-band Heart, the song speaks about how unimaginable things can simply happen in dreams. And so one line says, "funny how your feet in dreams never touch the earth".

While I was subdued in my thoughts, I got a phone call from my boss, instructing me to attend a meeting for her. And what was the meeting all about? It was all about dreams --- our dreams and plans for our departments that would set our school above the rest. Just when you are dreaming about dreams, you end up in a meeting about dreams. It left me weirded out. Wouldn't you too?


wandering through la mesa eco park

On my third trip to La Mesa Eco Park in Fairview, Quezon City, I still failed to try their zip-line, wall-climbing and rappelling activities. Yet that time, I was thankful I got to ride on one of their for-rent bikes. It was challenging for me because it was my only 5th bicycle ride since I learned how to ride one in 2005. The bike area in La Mesa Eco Park was a small jagged road which accelerated my nerves.

The baskets of food my mother-in-law prepared were a clear evidence how excited we all were for grilling and eating picnic-style. While my husband helped out grilling the pork barbeque, I hid inside the tent. It felt humid in the beginning but eventually it felt relaxing lying there. In just a few minutes, the comic book I was reading dropped from my hands as I fell asleep.

At La Mesa Eco Park, even the person who enjoys living a sedentary lifestyle would love lazing around its lush sceneries. And for those who like experiencing adrenalin rush, then this place should be in your list of Places-To-Be.


basketball jersey and shorts

Brand new and authentic Nike items being sold at 10-30% discount are such rare finds. When you stumble upon it, what do you? Grab them, try it on and quickly pay for it. That's exactly what my husband and I did last Saturday at this Athlete's Depot in Ortigas Avenue Extension.

Sold at less 10% of its original price, we looked for a basketball attire for my husband. After fitting several pairs, he finally decided on getting this black Nike Fit jersey and a reversible Nike Basketball shorts. I really wanted to post a picture of him wearing it but he declined. Have fun in your game tonight labski!


invading pasig rainforest

If you want a quick escape from the City's noise and pollution, then head on to Pasig Rainforest! A project well-thought of by Mayor Eusebio, this sanctuary was created to give the people of Pasig a feel of the rural life without leaving the city. Located in Maybunga, Pasig, the Pasig Rainforest is a massive land area filled with trees, kois, picnic site, jogging trail, swimming pool, mini-train and a zoo. The best thing about it is that anyone can enjoy it for free!

With its bright colors, who wouldn't want to smile and get wacky by these walls. Here, my husband and I got trigger happy by shooting and snapping (our cameras, that is) unmindful of people passing by who kept laughing at our crazy antics.

An accident might have happened in the past which prompted the management to close this area where extreme sports used to take place. Overly excited seeing it, my husband and I opened its gate and tried the obstacles. In a minute or two, a security guard started whistling and scolding us for going inside the no-entry area. I wanted to answer back but thought it wouldn't help. Looking back, being stubborn and all, we deserved all the screaming from this uniformed man who was merely doing his job. Anyway, we got some good photos before we were caught!

Our original plan was to jog at the Pasig Rainforest but we ended up being perky and hyper by shooting and snapping our camera. Obviously, we had tremendous laughter and fun visiting this place. Why don't you try and enjoy the place too! See more of Pasig Rainforest here.


weekend madness

Fridays. Who wouldn't love it. It means the end of work, for the current week, at least. Fridays mean weekend too! This weekend is particularly looked forward to by me and my husband. After more than a month of devoting our weekends to his family's side, finally, this weekend is especialy ours!

And what are our plans this weekend? Think nature-trip and shopping and a late night dinner al fresco-style. To start it off, we'll do brisk-walking at the Pasig Rainforest (I will get to use my new running shoes for the first time!). For the shopping part, we'll be buying his new basketball attire. And for the late night dinner al fresco-style, we'll be trying the Marikina Riverbanks for a change.

I hope I don't forget my camera so I could document our activities this weekend. Happy weekend blogmates!

the promotion

Life hands us a lot of surprises when we least expect it. I think that is the very essence of a surprise --- to catch you at your most unguarded moment.

What transpired in my life this week is a rollercoaster of surprises. It started with our School Headmaster telling me the good news --- a promotion. I admit, I had a feeling I will eventually get there. But I didn't expect it this soon. And the way I was told about it was really funny! I admit though, it made me nervous too, knowing a promotion is synonymous to more responsibilities.

The minute I told my husband about it removed all my apprehensions and worries. How did he do it? Two things in two nights. First night, he brought me home my favorite Sbarro pizza flavor which I haven't eaten in months. Second night, he brought me to a Nike Women branch and bought me this yellow running shoes which I have been dreaming about!

With a husband so proud of his wife's accomplishments, who wouldn't love to be promoted? I love you labski! Thankies for being so proud of me!


baclayon church

I love old churches simply because its antiquated look leaves me amazed. The facade. The structure. The interiors. The details. Most of all, what leaves me breathless is its smell of history. Imagine walking through the church aisle and kneeling by the altar. These were the same things our ancestors once did in their times.

Our BOHOLandia adventure almost a month ago gave me a chance to see several old churches the province of Bohol has. The Church of Immaculada Concepcion in Baclayon, better known as
Baclayon Church is considered one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It was constructed sometime in 1717 where local laborers were forced to cut and drag coral blocks from the sea using just bamboos in moving and positioning the stones. Below is a scrap I made of our photo infront of Baclayon Church.

More on Baclayon Church.


coffee break 1.49

As Mr. Sun beams at us, most people are all smiles as they plan their out-of-town trips. Since summer is synonymous to the beach, it isn't surprising that our peers are on a diet. And why am I not surprise. It's the hottest topic in our pantry and even men are a part of it --- bikini beauties!

As coffee break begins anew, we want you to share your insights on:

How does one have a vavavoom body
this beach season?


the rebirth of coffee break

To celebrate the rebirth of coffee break, we shall be doing several but definitely interesting revisions to it. Think innovative. Think themes. Think interactive. With the comeback of coffee break, expect it to be more engaging because we will be following one theme every month. So why do I say it's more engaging this time? Because the monthly themes will all be coming from you! Every blogger who participates will be called a --- BREWER! Isn't that exciting!

So, to start the ball rolling, I am now calling all those brewers reading here. Now is your chance to send in a theme you want for the months of April - September. It can be about anything, but it just has to be one word. Again, each theme has to be just a word. Let's say, for the month of March, our theme will be SUMMER. So for the whole month, the topics will be related to summer --- , tips on looking vavavoom this summer, the best thing about summer, happiest summer memories, yummiest summer food. Get the idea? Now send in your themes. We need 5 themes to get us through from April - September. Jot it down now!

As soon as we start doing our discussions again, I shall be posting an official icon for those brewers out there who never get tired contributing their clever thoughts. And if you guys don't mind, I hope you could post that icon in your blogs in celebration of coffee break's rebirth!