wacky weekend

Thank God it's a weekend. The past week was really stressful for me and my husband. We both had tons of deadlines to meet and we hardly had time to sweet talk one another. And so last night, we had a dinner at TGIF in Glorietta, even if I was having a terrible migraine. Photos coming soon. I still have to lay-out it so it'll look pleasant.

I can't believe it! I'm blogging on a weekend! Have a wacky weekend everyone! Passing this to Chie, Farah, Joanne and Vannie!

*The image is suppose to move, it's a gif! But it isn't doing its wacky moves. Oh well, still hope it'll be a wacky weekend for us all.


war of the worlds 2 trailer

I was able to confirm it! It is true! War of the Worlds 2!

I was hoping it would be better than the first one but as I searched for more information about it, what I found were all rants on how cheap the movie was. Oh well, I still want to see it. Gotta do more net searching until I find a link to download the film.

war of the worlds 2

Are the aliens really back? I just found this poster in another blog. There were even links to download the film. Sadly though, the links weren't working. The movie is set to be released this year, according to what I read. I googled it already but nothing came out of my search.

I'll get back to you as soon as I find anything.

current addiction

I am still so sleepy that it's so hard for me to get out of bed. Ask me why... I slept late last night. Ask me why again... It's because of my current addiction. It's because of Flo in the new Diner Dash: Hometown Hero. I couldn't stop myself from playing until our PC stood still. Nag-hang!!! Darn.

See you later Flo!


our first saturdate

To unwind. To bond. To tighten the ties. To fill our empty tummies. To go on a date. And so goes the birth of our SaturDates.

It was a Saturday morning when my husband asked me to go on a date with him at Mexicali. We both haven't tried dining there and we were excited to know how their meals tasted. And how was the food? Click HERE to find out! And what really is a SaturDate? Click on the image to read more.


forgetting sarah marshall

If you wanna have a good laugh, go and buy a DVD of the
movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It stars Jason Segel, Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis.

The film tells the story of Peter Bre
tter (played by Segel) who gets devastated when his TV star girlfriend Sarah Marshall (played by Bell) breaks up with him. To help him nurse his broken heart, Peter goes to a resort in Hawaii only to find out his ex-girlfriend is there with her new boyfriend!

Although the movie has several sex scenes, not to mention Segel's frontal nudity (yes, you read that right!), the movie does give us a good laugh. Plus the film was mostly shot in Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii which makes the viewer long for next year's summer. And each beach scene reminds me so much of the Phili
ppines' Boracay!

Oh, and did I mention that after watching the movie I became a big fan of Mila Kunis? She played the role of the front desk lady and she is one gorgeous girl! My husband and I thought all along she really is Hawaiian because she looked like one (and a bit of Vanessa Hudgens too). Turns out she is originally from Ukraine. She began her career by doing commercials and eventually got popular in Hollywood after casting a part in the hit TV series That 70s Show.

I'm telling you, watching her makes me love my curls all the more!

coffee break ver. 1.33

I got in late for work today. My 7 precious minutes wasted on the darn traffic jam. Although I alloted 20 minutes travel time, it was of no use because traffic really is getting worse in our area. And in the middle of the noisy vehicles, I was there frowning as I welcomed with cold open arms my furious temper.

I told myself the minute I stepped in my office, that I'll try to keep myself busy the next time I'm caught up in traffic. And then a big question popped out of my upset mind... just how in the world shall I do that?

welcoming the ber months

In just a few days, we shall be welcoming the cold BER months!!! And what does that truly signify? Christmas is just around the corner!

Oh, how time flies! I will be changing our desktop calendar again. Here is how our September calendar looks.

It is love indeed. But for me, the BER months don't just imply Christmas. It also sends the sweet scent of an ample time of togetherness with our loved ones!


bitoy on reader's digest september issue

Did you know that Beethoven Del Valle Bunagan aka Michael V.
is on the cover of Reader's Digest September 2008 issue? And he is the second Filipino seen on its cover, next to former President Corazon Aquino.

Bitoy didn't even know he was going to be on the cover. After being interviewed by its crews, all he knew was that his story was part of the 5th Annual Humor Special issue of the magazine. Little did he knew they were going to put him on the cover and his life story as the main feature!

Now that's something to make us Pinoys really proud after our unfortunate performance in the recent Olympics! Go Bitoy!


foodtripping weekender

Yum yum Yum. Hubby told me just now we're going on a date tomorrow! He's treating me at
Mexicali in Robinson's Galleria! Yeey! Another food tripping for us!

I'm craving for churros, taco, nacho. But ooh, I think I'm gonna try their onion-grilled burger with cheese! Oh mama mia!


toni rivero loses to croatian

I have nothing else to say. Just doing this to let the blogosphere know.

Our last Filipino bet for an Olympic medal,
Toni Rivero (shown above wearing the blue armor), lost to her opponent from Croatia Sandra Saric. Score was 4-1.


on my 30th year

I woke up with a kiss on a cold Sunday morning. And a whispered confession of love.

Beginning my day with a Holy Mass to thank the Lord for 30 glorious years of existence, I spent the rest of the day with my husband and family by painting memories. Right after the mass at the EDSA Shrine, hubby and I went straight to my mama's house in Mandaluyong. I cooked spaghetti for them. Although they were surprised I now know how to cook pasta, I was more surprised to realize they prepared more than I expected! Mama prepared Menudo, Arroz Valenciana and Buko Salad while my brother grilled some fresh Tilapia and a whole of Tuna! And then my sisters bought a gallon of ice cream and Red Ribbon's Marjolaine!

Birthdays are truly special. Just when I thought the celebration was over, yesterday, my officemates surprised me with a belated birthday surprise! They bought a cake with my face on it and boxes of empanada courtesy of Red Ribbon! (Ooh, they must have earned a lot because of my birthday!) Not to mention last Friday's surprise KFC lunch from my boss and teammates!

Dear Lord... I thank you for another glorious year. I thank you for my loving husband, my supportive family and my dear friends. May I be your instrument as I strive to touch, encourage and inspire other people's lives. This I ask in Jesus' name. Amen.


olympic gold medal fades for philippines

As Tshomlee Go, our first of 2 Taekwondo jins, lost to his Australian opponent Ryan Carneli, our bid for our first olympic medal, unfortunately, fades.

With today's much-awaited olympic game ending with a final score set at 2-0, our Filipino jin scoring nothing, the nation is up on its toes complaining Go wasn't given scores for his ax kick and 2 45 kicks. Monsour Del Rosario was even vocal enough to admit he is close to having an outburst for not counting Go's kicks.

To this yet again unfavorable olympic incident, this is what my husband has to say:

"Talo kung talo. What sore losers our jins are. They should've expected. Plus, have they forgotten that sports are NOT only about winning but also gracefully losing and proudly accepting defeat to a better opponent? Tsk tsk tsk..."

Our country losing is not about us being a small nation. It's about us pooling all our resources, our youth's talents and skills to be better equipped in international competitions. It's not about us doing good in Taekwondo. It's about us doing good in every other sports. It's not about us creating noise the judges were biased against us. It's about us standing still and looking at our sports program, bird's eye view.

coffee break ver. 1.32

It must be the rain, really. Almost every student I see across the hall this morning are wearing long faces. Mostly Upper School students, they seem to be overly concerned about some personal stuff they're going through. And that made me remember my share of worries and concerns back in my High School days.

Pimples. NSAT. Physics. UPCAT. C.A.T. Prom Night. Kurt Cobain.

on work

Just when I'm feeling lazy and cranky, this is what I am going to see in my inbox.

Well, why not! On second thought... I should get back to work or else my tasks are going to pile up. Laters!

lazy wet wednesday

It is such a lazy and wet Wednesday for us here in the Metro. I don't even know how I am going to do my tasks for today. My mind isn't in the work mode yet. This is what happens after a 4-day break from work.

Yawn... I just wanna crawl back to bed and hide beneath our warm blanket.

merci to those who remembered

To my friends and blogmates who remembered my birthday...

JellyMuffin.com - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

You all made my day even more special!


scrapping myself on my birthday

30 is such a big number. Especially for women. And this Sunday, I am turning 30 . Yep. A year older. Another bright new year to straighten out my ways. Another refreshing year to make new commitments. Another brilliant year to create lasting memories. Another glorious year to touch, encourage and inspire people.

And since it's my birthday, allow me to be narcissistic. I made a scrap of myself with a title saying Still Blooming at 30. Before you throw chairs at me, let m
e tell you that it came from my officemates! Well, they were surprised when I told them my age. They went on telling me that they thought I was between 26-28. Oooh, they are sooo kind! Tee-hee!

So, what are my birthday plans? I initially wanted to have a party in my mom's resthouse in Pampanga, invite my in-laws, friends and officemates. But since I got sick and I had tons of counseling sessions to do, I failed to plan out for the party. Instead, hubby and I will simply go to my in-laws tonight until tomorrow for a pre-birthday dinner. And on Sunday, after attending Bo Sanchez's The Feast, we'll go to my family's house. I'll cook spaghetti and make a ref cake for them. I heard my mom and brother will cook something too!

So there. A simple celebration worth a lifetime of memories!


coffee break ver. 1.31

Nearing the first week of the Beijing Olympics, our country is still far from getting even a bronze medal. Last night, I nearly cried as I watched our boxer Harry Tanamor lose to his opponent. I don't care if I appear too patriotic or overacting. But I honestly pity our athletes, really. I think the Philippine Sports Commission authorities should sit together and brainstorm on how they can improve our sports program.

Our last hopes, for at least an Olympic medal, are our 2 taekwo
ndo jins -- Toni Rivero and Tshomlee Go. They will be competing on Tuesday. Let's all hope they bring home even a bronze medal.

And so, let me hear your ideas on this week's topic.

families are, well, nuts

Although I had terrible colds yesterday, I made sure I didn't just lie down on my bed. I made myself useful by creating a scrap! I used a photo of my family last month in Subic. I took this picture of them by the staircase goofing around.


cases here and there

My Tuesday is so full of cases. I hardly even have time to eat my snacks! Counseling sessions here and there. I just had my lunch now and I'm preparing for another session with my middle school kids. Whew!

The nice thing about this day is that I got to meet a prominent couple from the media industry. A news anchor from ANC News Channel and a landscape architect-urban historian from the Philippine Star. =)


recommended philippine restaurants

I have confessed to the blogosphere how much of a fan I am of food. However, when it comes to recommending restaurants, it would take me a month before I could make a shortlist of my I-wanna-dine-here restaurants. Yeah, I know. I started the discussion in last week's coffee break and I can't even answer it. Poor me!

Don't throw stones at me! Throw me a pesto bread from Pan De Manila instead! (That's currently my favorite snack!) Why? Because I found an article on the top 10 must-dine-in restaurants in our country. These are not my list, okay. But since this guy has such a credibility in the blogosphere, I absolutely trust his instinct (and taste buds!). I'm talking about Anton Diaz. Here's his list!

1. Kubli Springs @ Kinabuhayan Cafe, Dolores, Quezon
2. Antonio's, Tagaytay
3. Ugu Bigyan, Tiaong, Quezon
4. Isla Naburot, Guimaras Island
5. La Cocina De Tita Moning's, Manila
6. Kusina Salud, San Pablo Laguna
7. Vieux Chalet, Antipolo
8. Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung, Pampanga
9. Charley's Lipa City, Batangas
10. Entalula Island El Nido, Palawan

Reading his article HERE certainly made me hungry. I do hope I could try a plate on all of these places! My husband and I might probably try La Cocina and Vieux Chalet soon since it's within the metro. Next month, maybe? Yum yum yum.

monday madness

Our weekend was a truly relaxing one! By popular demand, I cooked Filipino Style Spaghetti for lunch last Saturday. We attended Bo Sanchez' The Feast Sunday morning. When we got home, my husband prepared pancakes filled with an ample amount of maple syrup for breakfast! And in the lazy afternoons of Saturday and Sunday, we were both snoring as we enjoyed our nap. Last night, while we were watching the Olympic games, my husband gave me a full body massage and it put me to sleep!

So why did I call this post Monday Madness? Because I feel so sleepy and sick today. Monday madness it is. I had such a relaxing weekend I didn't want the new work week to start. Tsk tsk tsk... Lazy. I really am. I'm looking forward to this long weekend. That wouldbe 2 additional breaks for me. Monday, August 18, was declared a non-working holiday in celebration of Ninoy Aquino's death anniversary. And Tuesday, the 19th of August, is another day-off for me because it's Quezon City day.

Oh, long weekends. I just love them.


go team philippines

At 8PM tonight, the 24th Olympics games will officially begin in Beijing, China!

I hope a TV station here in country will televise the games. I remember during the time Onyok Velasco fought for gold in his boxing match in Atlanta in 1996. My family and I were up all night waiting for it. We were on our toes the whole time he was fighting, even mimicking every punch he gives to his Bulgarian opponent Daniel Bozhilov Petrov. And when he lost, we cried with Onyok.

Go team Philippines! I hope we'll finally bring home that much-coveted gold medal. Fight for gold!


shun the red list

The Red List is a new way of promoting cigarettes through the internet by Philip Morris. Now that it is confirmed they are the one sponsoring the Eraserheads Reunion concert, tobacco control advocates are discouraging the band from accepting the million-peso offered concert.

If you visit the tobacco company's website, you will be asked to register (they said if you would, you'll get free tickets for the much-awaited concert). However, according to the
Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP), this is a violation of R.A. 9211(an act regulating packaging, use,
sale distribution, and advertisements of tobacco products). In laymen's term, it is a law prohibiting tobacco advertisements both in the internet and media. The Department of Health (DOH) has warned Philip Morris they will be charged criminally if the Eraserheads concert pushes through.

With all these hullabaloo, I get a clearer picture why until now, there has been no definite news where and when one can get concert tickets. Come to think of it... it really would look like the band is promoting the tobacco company if the concert pushes through. And watching it, despite it being a once in a lifetime show, would appear you are advocating the use of cigarettes.

Hmm... Now I don't feel excited anymore. Read this article by Carlos Conde of GMA News.

a birthday digiscrap album

It's my friend's birthday tomorrow! And to make her day really special, I made her a birthday album from digiscrap freebies I got online. I used photos from her wedding last December 2007. I had it printed already and binded. Lookie lookie here! It looks like a guestbook!

cover and back page

page 1-2

page 3-4

page 5-6

Credits: Shabby Princess_Festival Kit
Shabby Princess_Promise Collection

Shabby Princess_Sweet Serenity

I am so proud of my work. When I'm really in a good mood, my creative juices are overflowing!


coffee break ver. 1.30

is a celebrated month for me and my family. Why? Because it's our birthday month! That's me, my father-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew and cousins. The thought of birthdays makes me think of food and restaurants. So, in this week's coffee break, here's what we'll talk about!

Think food quality. Service. Cleanliness. Price.

reedley house launch

Just thought of sharing with you photos from our recent
Grade School House Launch. It's something similar to the Hogwarts Houses in Harry Potter movies. Each class belongs to a certain house. The houses compete throughout the school year by earning points from various school activities.

In Reedley, we have 3 houses: the Green Giants, White Unicorns and last year's champion, the Maroon Dragons. Earning the House Cup is every house's dream. And as of today, the White Unicorns is on the lead!


eraserheads reunion concert

Excited? That's an understatement! My
husband and I are ecstatic!

It was all over the internet. And it was confirmed by the Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia during an interview with GMA News that there is indeed a reunion concert. After 6 long years, we will finally get to see them playing one music for a one-night only reunion concert. Rumor has it that each member gets as much as 10 million for their 45-minute show. Whoa!

It was said that by August 01, tickets will be released via the internet for free, to fans above 18 years old. But it's the 5th of August already and no updates yet where we can get the tickets. Is it even true that Marlboro is the unnamed tobacco company sponsoring the concert? La lala lala... I am getting impatient already!

What: Eraserheads Reunion Concert
When: August 30, 2008
Where: CCP Grounds

food for the soul 08.2008

Learn to forgive yourself and to forgive others.
-Tuesdays with Morrie

Forgive by OnlyCurious


tasks at hand this week

I thought of listing my weekly To-Do tasks. I thought doing so and posting it here is a good way of monitoring how close I am in completing them. But of course I didn't want it plain-looking. If I would simply list it down, it would just be an eye sore. And so, I made a simple scrap of it! Here's my To-Do for this week.

Credits: Kristie_ShabbyPrincess_shabby fall kit
Amy Teets_sun porch kit

Oh no! Look at the social domain of my life. It looks so poor! This scrap just made me realize how much I have overlooked my friends. Tsk tsk tsk. Gotta make it up to them.

eating the mangan way

Despite all the rain last Saturday, hubby and I were able to treat Mama and my brother Matt over lunch.

Mama was supposed to go to Pampanga to check on the construction of our property that morning. But my brother asked her to accompany him to Robinson's Galleria first. She obliged, although she was so impatient already as she kept asking what they were going to do there. And when she saw me and my husband waiting for them in Mangan, she beamed with a smile!
It was a really treasured meal for us 4. We truly enjoyed our lunch as we ate for almost an hour and a half, kwentuhan included. And what did we eat there? Check it out here!

Credits: Jolie Papillon_baby scrap kit
Sara Carling_ShabbyPrincess_dinner party kit

tagged:: book mark

A truly unique tag from Kero. Thankies dear!

The rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating!
2. Find page 123.
3. Find the first five sentences.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag as many people as you want.

The book: A Survival Guide for the Elementary/Middle School Counselor by John J. Schmidt, Ed.D

The sentences:

In another cognitive approach, Maxie maultsby* suggested "rational self-counseling" with middle school students by teaching them to check the rationality of their thoughts using 5 basic questions:

1. Are my thoughts based on obvious facts?
2. Do these thoughts help me PROTECT my life and health?
3. Will these thoughts help me ACHIEVE my short-term and long-term goals?
4. Do these thoughts help me PREVENT unwanted conflicts with other people?
5. Do these thoughts help me FEEL the emotions I want to feel without using drugs or alcohol?"

When students honestly answer "no" to three or more of these questions, they identify irrational thoughts that need to be altered. Developing new rational thinking requires at least three honest "yes" answers to these questions and also a willingness on the part of the students to use this new thinking in place f old irrational thoughts.

Whew! Sounds really bookish, huh. Well, you somehow get to see how my work is like. Now let's see what your book talks about! I'm tagging Joy, Tracy, Joey, Joanne and Farah.


cherish happy moments

And one of those happy moments was mama's birthday in Subic last weekend! Here is a scrap of some photos we had before leaving Subic Homes.

Photo on top: mama with her grandchildren
Photo below: mama with her children (minus ate Boots, her eldest)
Photo at the bottom: mama with her children, son-in-law and childhood friend
Center photo: mama with the group including her brother and sister

Credits: Rhonna Farrer_200502 kit
Anne Schlegel_sing the blues kit
Lorrie M_old photographs & memories kit
Sueli Colbert_my moment kit

pamper me

A previous post talked about me pampering my mama. This post will tell you how I pamper ME!

I love lotions, body creams and moisturizers. I can't do my day to days tasks without applying any one of these. And when I say apply, I mean applying it from neck to toe! It relaxes me and makes me feel so hygienic. And hubby loves it!

And just when I thought I was running out of supplies, voila! Angels showered me with gifts! Thankies Li and Dada for these much-appreciated gifts. Beauty Rush Mist and Body Cream by Victoria's Secret and Sweet Pea Lotion by Bath and Body Works. Ooh, I can't wait to go home and use it. Smell me, smell me!

my birth month

Yeeey! It's August already and it's my birth month! I am sharing with you our calendar for this month.

Credits: Kate Teague_it's about mom kit
Melanie Ann_blog freebie
Gloria Val Verde_button tin
Eledhwen_Happy Baby

Journal: 'cause this life is no good alone
since we've become one
you're all I know
and here is why
all I am is
for you
(lines from the song FOR YOU by Kenny Lattimore)