christmas rush

This is what happens when you don't plot events and follow your calendar. You end up going crazy cramming. If you guys have been checking out my blog the past few days, you would definitely notice how rarely I update. I have been hit by the Christmas rush big time!

My husband and I have long been done with our Christmas shopping. I have wrapped gifts as well. However, the parties here and there have been overlooked and we ended up feeling swamped with these events!

To all my blogmates... my apologies for not updating you with our coffee break sessions. You won't be seeing and hearing much of me until the year ends because I don't go online that often these days. I won't make promises! But I will try to check you out as I cling on to this season like dear old Santa here. Don't get me wrong though 'cause I am not complaining. To be honest, I am having the greatest Christmas of my married life!

Merry Christmas blogosphere!


charmaine santiago said...

Happy 2009 Jan! God bless you!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Jan! :)