feeling lethargic

It must be the holiday season. Christmas carols. Gift-giving. Family reunions. The cold weather at night and early morning makes me wanna stay in bed. I am on vacation mode! And preparing for work on weekdays leaves me feeling lethargic.

This day really is the sluggish day of all. I couldn't even count the number of times I yawned! The monthly visitor could be a factor too. To wake me up, I am now drinking my second cup of coffee.

I have to do something when I get home later so I would be up on my toes again. I still have 14 working days to face before I could rest and enjoy the Christmas break. Oh dear. When my husband reads this post he surely wouldn't be happy. Unlike me, he gets very excited each day knowing how close we are in celebrating our second holiday season. Tsk tsk tsk.

A project. I need to have one so I could be hyperactive again! But what? Oh yeah! I still have to finish my 2009 desk calendar!

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