kiko off the shores

As expected, Kiko Rustia was voted out last night as the Chalam Tribe decided in GMA 7's Survivor Philippines. And it brought diverse reactions .

Betrayal. That was the main plot last night. The twist of events may be believed as the greatest betrayal in Philippine TV. My mobile phone kept vibrating last night as my brother ranted over how Kiko's former tribemates in Naak, Chris and Kaye, used their emotions rather than their minds allowing Marlon, the epitome of nastiness in the show, sway them. If you read blogs now, people have been cursing Marlon for his awfully disgusting attitude shown on national TV. Read what happened last night HERE.

I can't wait for Marlon to be voted out. I am curious if he will have regular TV appearances just like the other castaways. He may be offered a slot in a drama series as a villain, which would obviously be a natural thing for him. In the meantime, while everyone goes psycho over Marlon, my husband will treat me at Taco Bell because I won our bet on who gets voted out. Hehehe!

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mari said...

hahaha... survivor phil keeps me awake late at nights :)
as people commented on my blog, kainis talaga si marlon! lalo pang nakakainis is the fact that he can manipulate the minds of other people. ganun na nga ba sya kademonyo?