designing a christmas wreath

Designing a Christmas wreath has always been in my mind. At the malls, I am amazed to see how stylists conceptualize its design and colors. At Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City, I saw a lot of export-quality Christmas wreaths which I wanted to grab right away to hang at home. However, I thought designing my own would be challenging yet fun and rewarding. So how does one create a DIY Christmas wreath? Here's how I made mine.

Materials Needed:
- wreath of any size (made of plastic garland or fine twigs)
- green Christmas balls (frosted, matte, glossy)
- green flower and twigs
- silver twigs
- other green and silver ornaments
- glue gun
- glue stick
- Christmas lights (optional)

How To Do It:
1. Think of the design you want and conceptualize it. Do you want it monochromatic or of contrasting colors? Do you want it modern or old school?
2. Use only a variety of 1-2 color tones. In this wreath, I used metallic green and silver.
3. Scatter the bigger ornaments on the wreath and style it whichever way you want. When you're happy with what you see, get your glue gun and stick the ornaments carefully.
4. Get the smaller ornaments and style it around the wreathe. You may put it on the bigger ornaments to create depth. Stick them when you're ready.

Peso Power:
- 15" diameter Christmas wreath: FREE! (Old wreathe of my MIL)
- Christmas ornaments: PHP 478.50 (SM Megamall Department Store)
- glue gun: PHP 67.25 (Ace Hardware)
- glue stick: PHP 35.00 (Ace Hardware)

: PHP 580.75

If you want Christmas lights on your wreath, put if before you style your project with your ornaments. Merry Christmas everyone!

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