the story of the dizzy wife

November 03 '08. Monday. 6:00 P.M.
As soon as I got home, I checked on the chores I needed to do. The very second I picked up something on the floor, I felt my world tremble. Was it our unit trembling or was it my head? Not wanting to make a big fuss out of it, I continued fixing the kitchen. And then I felt my temples throbing and my world spinning. I went straight to bed, texted my husband I was feeling dizzy and closed my eyes. As I closed my eyes, I felt my bed and everything around me spinning. I wanted total darkness and a deafening silence.

Two hours after, in panic, my husband got home, hoping I was feeling better. I wasn't. I was feeling even worse. To make it worst, he couldn't touch me. A light touch from him feels as if he was shaking me. I didn't want any movement, any noise, any light. I was sweating and my feet felt cold. And then I threw up, everything I had for lunch. I felt so sick I wanted to cry. My husband kept telling me he'll bring to the hospital. But I didn't want. I said a quiet night in deep slumber is what I need.

November 04 '08. Tuesday. 2:00 A.M.
I woke up with a dry throat. I hugged my husband and told him I was thirsty and he stood up right away. While I drank a cold glass of water, he touched my face and asked how I was feeling. I smiled and told him except for a slight headache, I was feeling so much better.

We both went back to sleep until we woke up around 10 in the morning. I texted my boss I will be absent as my husband did the same to his boss. Because I was feeling better (except for the slight headache), I sat infront of the computer and clicked on the Adobe Photoshop logo. My husband got mad, telling me I should rest and refrain from doing things that would strain my eyes. So I went back to bed and listened to my phone's playlist. Bored, I asked him to prepare food.

So that was how we spent the day. Eating.

November 05 '08. Wednesday. 9:30 A.M.
Almost everyone at work was asking me how I was. Some were even teasing me that I may be pregnant. Naah. Such dizziness is way too far from being pregnant, plus --- I just had my period. It was a different case. And Mix, a colleague, upon hearing about my dizziness and throwing-up spell, right away concluded that what happened to me was a clear sign of Astigmatism. He said he experienced exactly the same thing some years back. As soon as he said this, I texted my cousin and scheduled an appointment with him this Saturday at his clinic in St. Luke's.

As I blog now, my vision is getting blurry and cloudy. My forehead is throbbing too. Oh well. If wearing eyeglasses would truly correct this, I wouldn't mind. Really.


Unknown said...

Hi sis! Hope your feeling better now. I was thinking the same thing as your officemates, that you might be pregnant...hehehe.

Take a good rest ;)

mari said...

akala ko tuloy your sharing a good news na :) i hope you feel better sis... i think that's astigmatism nga (if your not pregnant) :)

The Wifey's Journal said...

I hope you're feeling better now, Jan. I was too excited reading your entry, thinking that you're pregnant. Take care, Jan!