training at hotel pontefino

It's going to be another long and lonely weekend for me and my husband. Another Leadership Camp is happening beginning tomorrow and I will be one of the facilitators. The training will take place at Hotel Pontefino in Batangas City.

I have been to the hotel twice but never to facilitate and prefect kids and teenagers. This is going to be a tough job because of two things: first, I need to act as a peer-adult the whole time. No horsing around. No skimpy attire. No chance to wander in the area. Second, it is another night without my husband beside me. The first time it happened was during our school's summer outing at Mimosa in Clarkfield.

Although I see it as a challenging weekend, my husband is helping me look at things positively. As a mature adult amongst these young and eager minds, I get a once in a lifetime chance to discover myself more.

But yeah, I'll still bring a bag of separation anxiety with me.

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