life is a series of struggles

In preparation of my first photo exhibit, I revisited all the albums in my computer, searching for worth-displaying pictures. Carlos, my other photography buddy at work who will be featured at the exhibit the same week as me, thought of having Nature as our main theme. While I searched for photos showing nature's great landscape, I was surprised to see this shot I took of my brother in Grande Island, Subic. I used the blue sky as the backdrop. And as I marveled on it, I thought it would be nice to scrap it!

Credits here.

Life is a series of struggles to those who whine
and a box of presents to those who appreciate.

Sending shoutouts to my blogmates who congratulated me on my upcoming debut photo exhibit. Thankies dear friends! Hugs to you all. Woohoo!


Unknown said...

Hi sis! Nasabi ko na kay Camz that I will no longer join them for wedding coordination.

Na-mention kita sa kanya that your interested and your a W@Wie before :)

You can send her an email -> camz_88@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Hi Jan ! The last time I joined them for an event, I got 1k. Not sure if it's still the same amount or tinaasan na.