little angels

It took me and my girlfriends weeks before we could come up with a title for our upcoming Christmas party with the orphans. As anticipated, we decided to call it Mga Munting Anghel, or simply Little Angels in English.

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Except for 2 of 3 games, everything is all set. My other college buddy asked her mom to shop at Divisoria yesterday for the gift items we would be distributing out for the kids. And for 15 pieces of these items: box of crayons, pencils, coloring books and puzzles, bath towels, shirts, slippers, santa's hats and loot bags --- her mom purchased them all for a Peso Power of 3,079.50! We have also finalized the food to be served during the party. We'll have McDonald's meal and a gallon of Selecta Ice Cream, all for a Peso Power of 5,200 for 35 pax. That leaves us some PHP4,000++ to buy prizes for the games and and grocery items for the orphanage!

I am so excited to see the smiles of these kids! I am sure we adults will be happier for them. To all my friends and my friends' friends volunteering themselves and their wallets --- I'm wishing you a basket full of blessings this coming new year!

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