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Yesterday, Barack Obama changed world history after being elected as the first African-American president of the US. Although I do not know him personally, I can bet all the money I have in my account that his monumental presidential win is by far, his most celebrated milestone in life.

A newly-grad's first paycheck. A brilliant idea. A warm hug from an orphan. A memo stating your promotion. A first paid blog post. Your exchange of wedding vows.

I can list down several events in my life which I consider milestones. But the very recent one, was the invitation I got to have an exhibit of my photos. Being a wannabe photographer who has no formal photography training, this exhibit which will be held in January 2009, will be a very significant moment of my life. This is my debut, a historical event in my life which I would be happy to document for our future children.

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tracypamela said...

Congrats on the upcoming exhibit Jan! :)

Vina said...

here's my post jan - http://house-everything.blogspot.com/2008/11/coffee-ver-143.html

charmaine santiago said...

hi jan! Exciting talaga yung exhibit mo! Pwede mo din ba ipost dito? or after pa ng exhibit pwede? Congrats!

Ozzy's Mom said...

wow jan, that's exciting - congrats. esep2x muna ako for mine.

happy weekend.

Chie Vallesteros said...

Hi Jan :-)

Here's mine: http://jjandchie.blogspot.com/2008/11/coffee-break-ver-143.html

Happy weekend!


hi jan!

here's mine: http://swittreats.blogspot.com/2008/11/coffee-break-ver-143.html

happy weekend!!!! :)

Stephanie said...

congrats! =)

Fresh Pair PH said...

Mine's the first time I played in front of a crowd together with my band :)

abie said...

congrats sis on your upcoming photo exhibit...

and here is my post:


Princess Vien said...

congrats on your upcoming exhibit. God Bless!

here is my post..

Rocks said...

hi jan! sorry I am late but here's mine ;


Unknown said...

Hi Jan! Here's my answer for last weeks' coffee break - http://reejane.blogspot.com/2008/11/coffee-break-ver-143.html

Sorry if its late :D

theworkingmom said...

I am very late! Thank you so much for this question, I certainly enjoyed it. Here's my answer:


Posted it on my other blog :)


theworkingmom said...

BTW, congratulations on the photo exhibit!