the belle de jour craze

I really tried making my own 2009 planner. I even had a few pages done, complete with inspiring quotes to get me through the coming days. However, after much contemplating on the expenses I'll have with a customized planner (printing and binding fees), I realized it will take some amount off my thin wallet. With the Belle De Jour craze present in the blogosphere, I decided to join the fad instead! It was less expensive too than having a planner customized.

Shown above is my Belle De Jour 2009 planner which I bought last Sunday at Powerbooks Megamall. The minute I took it's protective plastic cover off it, I scanned every page of the planner, making sure I made the right decision. After seeing how much of a treasure I was holding, the guilt feeling of not finishing my customized planner left me.

It's funny how obsessed I am with it. I can't wait to write on it and use the discount coupons!

*I am half-way done with my 2009 desktop calendar. That one will go to the printing shop next month, promise. Will be posting it here soon!


myls said...

my belle de jour planner is the only planner i used from january to present (november). all other planners i owned, starbucks planners included, i stopped by april. belle de jour is the best and 'kikayest'! i love it! :)

theworkingmom said...

I am actually to frugal (cheap?) to buy a planner, so I just ask for one from our Sunlife rep. This year's was very nice, and I didn't have to spend anything for it. I don't know about next year though.

I wanted to make my own planner too, but I just never got around to it....


Admin said...

I bought mine too pero online. How much is it sa PowerBooks, Jan?