holiday postcards

With technology playing a huge part of our lives these days, sending out holiday postcards to our loved ones is very rare. Instead, to express our holiday greetings, we would normally send text messages, emails or chats. With 3G nowadays, video conference is even possible.

This 2008 h
oliday season, my husband and I thought of greeting our loved ones the old-school way. And these postcard templates come in handy! Other than its artistic designs and layouts, what I love most about it is that it's for free! After inserting our photos and adding a personal greeting, I'm having them printed this weekend at Picturebooks in EDSA Shangri-la Mall. Click each photo to see a bigger view.

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Heartwarming postcards, right? Grab the templates HERE!

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Unknown said...

Nice work Jan! :)