citronella oil suppliers

Hey everyone! Hubby & I used to go to this store in Divisoria to by citronella and other essential oils for our home. Citronella oil is very effective in driving away mosquitoes & other insects. Sobra kase kong habulin ng lamok & insekto (wehehe) and whenever they get a chance to sting me, arrgggh! It leaves an ugly dark spot on my skin! The last time we checked out the store in Divisoria, it's already closed! Waah!

Robinson's Galeria sells citronella & other oils kaso the bottle is too small! Zen Zest also sells but their scents are very limited. Would any of you know any place else that sells essential oils?


Tinggay said...

hi there! bloghopping from Bunnie's page. I buy my citronella from Citromint in shangrila at the top floor (across True Value) - they have a big bottle there that goes for Php 1,200 yata.....though i think it might be a bit more expensive than the one in divi..

jan celiz-magtoto said...

@tinggay: hey. my ate's officemate said thy buy their citronella from shang kaso she can't remember the store's name.big bottle nga din daw. i guess this is the same store you're saying. thankies hah, although it's more expensive nga. at least i have an option now.