curls or bob

For several months now, I have been bugging my husband, asking him to help me on a major decision in my life. It truly is a major thing! It will afect everything about me. Should I have my hair curled? Or should I try a bob? Teehehe!

My Lower School counselees (aged 7-9) love touching my long straight hair whenever they visit me in my office. One time, I told them I want to have it cut like Katie Holmes'. My God, you wouldn't believe how they freaked out! But there's this girl who said she thinks I'll still look pretty with a bob. Shhh... Her mom owns a salon and she handed me mommy dearie's business card. Oh, how supportive of her mom! Ain't that cute! When asked which they think would look best on me, most of these girls said they want it curled while a few thinks a bob will do just fine. Great. That confused me more!

Just when I'm convinced I want to show-off my nape (inspired by Katie Holmes and R and B Princess Kyla), my husband adds to the confusion too by telling me that maybe I should try the curls first. Dig this, he was the one who greatly convinced me to have it cut short! Arrgh!

For 7 years now, I have sported a long straight hairstyle (I used to have it really shorter in my UP days). I feel I need to give it a rest by going back to a bob. I also read somewhere that if you have a nice pair of eyes (which I'm confident I have, haha!), you can show it off by letting your hair fall just above it, giving it more emphasis. Bangs, anyone? But there's a part of me that says why not try the curls first since everyone liked your prenup and wedding reception look? By April, I would have to decide which road I shall take --- the curls or the bob. For the love of God! Which do you think would complement my face?

This one?

Or this one?

Big deal, eh? Sigh.

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