tagged:: 10 recent things that made me happy

Finally! A chance to do tags! Here's one from Farah, Suzanne and Vannie.

10 Recent Things That Made Me Happy
1. my 11-day break from work!
2. seeing the making of Horton Hears A Who
3. my donut and coffee breakfast today
4. kyle xy marathon!
5. my new samsung phone, free from sun cellular
6. my approved project report
7. my 2 korean counselees knocking in my office yesterday!
8. my 1k gc from italianni's!
9. weekend plans with hubby
10. my good morning kiss from hubby!

And this one too from Farah.

1. WHAT MADE YOU SMILE TODAY? --- getting to work 15 minutes earlier
2. DO YOU KNOW THAT TO LOVE IS ALSO TO --- learn how to prioritize the needs of your partner
3. ARE YOU IN LOVE? --- very much
4. ARE YOU IN A RELATIONSHIP? --- married and loving it
5. DO YOU LOVE YOUR BEST FRIEND/S? --- i love my 2 girlfriends!
6. WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO? --- seasons of love, ost of rent
7. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG AT THE MOMENT? --- land of the loving by david benoit
8. WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST FEAR/S? --- our children living in a very corrupt Phil govt
9. WRITE DOWN NAMES OF important friends? --- evelyn and emma, my sister bom, my brother matt
11. DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH THE SUNSET WITH YOUR LOVE? --- would do anything to do this!
12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK? --- solitaire mystery by jostein gaarder
13. WHAT CAR DO YOU DRIVE? --- none, but i would love to drive a strada
14. HAVE YOU EVER LOVED YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND? --- next question please
15. DO YOU THINK BREAK-UPS SUCK? --- it's a given emotion at the start, but at a later time you would thank Him it happened
16. TELL ME AN IMPORTANT THING ABOUT yourself. --- i'm a travel photographer wannabe
17.WHAT SPORTS DO YOU LIKE? --- mixed martial arts, hubby & i are ufc fanatics, hehehe
18. ARE YOU BORED?-- no, have lotsa things to do after this tag
19. DO YOU WANNA GO BACK TO THE PAST? --- not really, unless there's no choice
20. DO YOU HAVE BEST FRIENDS FROM THEOPPOSITE SEX? --- i have more male buddies than girlfriends
21. NAME ONE OF YOUR PETS? --- don't have one, won't have one
22. WHAT COLORS DO YOU LIKE? --- torquoise and green
23. DO YOU LIKE TO DRINK BEER UNTILYOU GET DRUNK? --- why not, as long as i'm with my hubby
24. DO YOU HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY TO SOMEONE? --- to a group of people, that they should learn to hear 2 sides of a story
25. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN? --- go outdoors and shoot
26. LOVE SOMEONE A LOT? --- my hubby!
27. ARE YOU SLEEPY NOW? --- a bit
28. IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO SAY "IMISS YOU", TO WHOM WOULD THAT BE? --- my friend who's now based in australia, he missed my wedding

Now, it's time to pass this on. I'm tagging Kaye and Tweety.