coffee break ver. 1.2

I felt feverish the past few days because of the sun's scorching heat. I admit. It was a challenge to reflect during the Holy Week because of the hot weather. Clearly, summer has officially began.

We all have varied ways of enjoying the summer. Despite Mr. Sunshine's burning rays, I love this season. It's a time for me to wear my bikini. To frolic in the beach. To get my tan. To wear colorul clothing. It's lesser work for me too.

We Filipinos are very lucky to be blessed with various places to go to during summer. We have pristine beaches to fall in-love with and mountains rich with
cluster of trees to hike. It is no surprise that tourists from all over the globe could be seen loving the Philippines. There are just too many places to visit in our country that even I can't get enough of.

This week's coffee break thus begins with this question in mind:

If you were to suggest
summer venues in the Philippines,
what 3 get-away trips
would you recommend?


Ibyang said...

my top 3 would be:
1. boracay - can't get enough of it
2. pagudpod - a place i'd like to revisit soon
3. palawan - someplace new

happy easter!

Unknown said...

Oooh! Love this question...

Syempre if I have the money I will go to Amanpulo or anywhere in Palawan.
Then go to Boracay and then in Bohol.

I still have a lot of places in mind that I want to visit...

Farah said...

top 3 would be:

1. plantation bay in cebu
2. boracay baby!
3. cwc (camarines sur watersports complex)

happy summer jan!

nol_espedido said...

my top 3 places to visit would be:
(1) boracay
(2) bohol
(3) palawan

Ozzy's Mom said...

nice photo:)

1. bantayan in cebu
2. boracay
3. camiguin! (super nice)

tagged u pla jan!

charmaine santiago said...

Nathan will definitely enjoy

Baguio, Palawan and Bohol :)

Unknown said...

As if I have been to many places na 'no? Hehe. But one of the best places to go is Davao City. It is a big commercial area. Very safe pa, thanks to their LGU. Lots of beaches and islands to visit and there's Eden's Park and Philippine Eagle Center.

Yun. :)

Happy Easter, Jan! Sobrang init nga these days. Haaay.

Tes Tirol said...

Mine would be:

1. El Nido - wish ko lang bumalik!
2. Maragusan in Davao - gotta love those pomelos
3. Batanes - haven't been there but would love love love to go. :)

Pasyalan na! :)

mari said...

sis here is my answer :) check it out... late as usual :p


Rocks said...

hi jan! sorry, nagbakasyon ako talaga pati sa net..haha! so It's only now ako nakapag cofee break, anyhow, i posted it on my other blog.happy blogging!


Kero said...

hi Jan! sorry for the late posting. I 've been busy preparing for my son's christening on Thursday. click here for my coffee break entry http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2008/03/coffee-break-2.html

happy said...

i cannot go on a summer vacation, but i would love to answer the question. my top 3 would have to be:
1. bohol
2. pagudpod
3. boracay

abie said...

wow, i'm excited to answer this week;s coffee break. I'll post it in my blog in a while.

btw, i tagged u:



abie said...

Hi Jan,

you can read my answers here:



Princess Vien said...

you can view my suggestions here..


enjoy your summer..!!

theworkingmom said...

My answer here.

Thanks Jan!


bless said...

ahhh...top choice would be BORA, ALEGRE and MACTAN SHANG/PLANTATION BAY. All because I would have loved to bring my Benedict to these interesting places and I'd love to have quality cuddle time with hubby too sans the nuisance office calls...haha