a tinge of sarcasm

My watch tells me it's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm trying to catch my breath still. With tons of paperworks to submit, at the same time I have to get dirty by putting my stuff in boxes. You see, our maintenance team will be relocating me at 4 today. Okay, that's a tinge of sarcasm. They will be relocating my life. Right, another sarcasm. I am over-reacting, that one I'm sure of. The thing is, with the on-going construction our school is having (we are getting bigger, you know) my stuff will have to be transferred to a temporary room. And I just don't like changes. Even if it isn't permanent.

While I'm packing my stuff now, I keep looking at my calendar and counseling myself by saying... "hey, you freak, it's a friday today, Reedley graduation this Sunday, then your 11-day break from work. complaining? heck, stop it right now. won't get you anywhere."

And so, I'm tagging myself with this a little hello blah-blah. Huh? That's sounds weird, tagging myself... Oh yeah, I can be weird when I cram. I'm tagging Bunnie, Mari, Farah, Suzanne and Laura. Happy friday, you guys! And this tag doesn't have a trace of sarcasm. It's from the heart. Awww...

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Jan!! Naku, na-miss kita ah. :)

Glad to know your school is getting bigger. We just moved office too, about a year ago and super hassle ang packing and all. But we were all excited to move to civilization! LOL! Smaller place compared to our former office pero very cozy and cold. Ngek. I guess that made me very sickly. Hehe.

Anyways, malapit na ang break so tiis lang. Kami naman, matatapos na ang break and back to work by Monday. Haay!

What's your plans for your 11-day break?