another american idol entry

Just read from a fanatic the latest result of the American Idol eliminations.

Kady Malloy eliminated
(Thank heavens!)

Luke Menard eliminated

Asia'h Epperson eliminated
(What t
he *$@%!!! Why her?)

Danny Noriega eliminated
(I'll miss his flirty and girly stage performance. Sniff.)

At least Ramiele Malubay is still hanging in there. And Michael Johns. And David Cook! Yeah!


abie said...

hindi na ako nakakanood ngayon ng AI..sigh...aga kse eh, pag 8 PM gsing pa si Bela kaya di ako makasingit sa TV. Buti di pa eliminated si ramielle..

btw sis, i tagged u:

happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

I hope ramielle would choose songs that can really showcase her voice. I feel playing safe yung mga song choices nya recently... enjoy watching AI