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I have a number of friends working in the challenging world of advertising. And I am alway
s amazed with how they present their products. This high school friend of mine, who's now based in Australia, used to work for this mobile network. He would often share with me how he would sometimes crop the hand of this beautiful and sassy model because her fingers looked wrinkled and ugly. He would change the model's hands with the concert king's hands. His fingers, apparently, looked candle-like. Once, when this model guested on a talk show, I looked at her fingers and thought it looked like the hands of my mom's helper. Ooh, I'm such a meanie!

Advertising is not for everyone. One must possess a lot of wit and creativity to succeed in that field. And I must say that a huge amount of imagination helped create these following advertisments!

No that's creativity at its finest!


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Hehe! Very funny! Thanks for sharing, Jan! :)