a kapampangan's passion for lent

I remember shooting the Lenten season back in 2004 in Pampanga with a Konika SLR I borrowed from a friend. I had such great confidence back then and couldn't care less that I had to stay under the scorching heat of the sun. As the crucifixion started, I got so insecure with the professional photographers I was brushing elbows with (both local and foreign). My goodness, their cameras were such treasures to look at! And they had these exuding charm that the organizers allowed them to go inside the chicken-wired ground. It left me speechless seeing them do that. I felt so small. So insecure.

I kept the photos I took in an empty drawer and hoped I could re-shoot in the future. And I think that re-shoot is finally going to happen this year! Although I have my own camera now, it's just a point-and-shoot cam with not-so-special features. Also, I'm still the photographer wanabe I was back then. No formal photography classes, whatsoever. I couldn't possibly squeeze that in my schedule. But I do have plenty of time browsing through photo blogs. And here are 3 of my favorite Lenten photos in Pampanga.

I'm really excited about seeing this event again. Not only will I get to shoot the second time around. But this time, I have my husband Gino to accompany me too. Oops I mean, I have my husband to guard me as I squeeze myself in the crowd. Hahaha! I just hope I capture worth-blogging-about photos! Abangan!

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