the blog fever has hit me big time!

My husband is my #1 fan! Whether it be on blogging, digiscrapping or photography. He would do anything, and I mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G, to help me in my passion. Just 2 weeks ago, he brought home eBooks about blogging and volunteered to re-dress my blog. Yes, he is into computers, software programming, that is. But he's not very familiar with CSS (cascading style sheets). And he promised me he'll read tutorials on it so he could help me give my blog a make-over.

The eBooks he gave me about blogging are my treasures at this moment (well, next to datu, my point-and-shoot digicam). As I read the first one last night, I came up with endless ideas on how I could make my blog more interesting.

And yes you read it right! That teaser above says it all. I'm currently working on it. It's going to be really explosive! Abangan!

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