the bahay kubo event

Our bahay kubo event held February 24 (Sunday) in my mom's hometown in Pampanga was... how shall I say it? Hmm, let me see... a day full of eccentricities and insanely crazy celebration.

Kuya Dave picked us up in our home in Cainta, with my 3 medium-sized fruit-salad-filled microwaveable containers. As expected, my eldest sister wasn't able to bring her assigned Ineng's barbeque. We had to go through every nook of Angeles City to look for an alternative native barbeque. Unfortunately, we weren't lucky enough to find one. We ended up buying Max's chicken along Gapan Road. Their store looked old and rustic. It gave us a vintage ambiance.

That's my husband Gino and my brother Matt goofing around while we waited for our orders. Matt had a blast mocking the foreigners who came in. He was wearing this weird collection of clothing: a red polo shirt, a strange-looking orange tasmanian devil necktie, gray jacket, army-styled board shorts and his blue cartooned havaianas. As the foreigners started to pour in, Matt wore my lengthy beaded necklace, placed his orange necktie on his head, wore ate Boots' wooden dangling earrings and sported Kuya Dave's ray-ban. With that out of this world get-up, he walked in and out of the restaurant, delighted in each laughter the waitress expressed as she opened the door for him with the generic greeting "Welcome to Max's". Oh well, when you're with my brother, hilarious moments such as this, are expected.

By noontime, we finally arrived at the event. The tent was set-up already but the swimming pool was still packed in its box. It would take awhile (and some manpower) to inflate it so they decided to just leave it that way. Food were served outside, similar to the cookout we had last Christmas.

While the other members of the family had their siesta, the rest of us amused ourselves singing our hearts out, playing badminton and freesbie. An look at their new toy... a bow and arrow from the Aetas! With one pull of the string, Matt hit the apple-sized papaya! I swear, we all went crazy cheering for him. Could it be just beginner's luck?

Here are some pictures I took. I wasn't so inspired to take photos because I'd rather have fun with my family. Plus, the weather looked so gloomy with the heavy clouds.

Old Nook


As One

Above and Beyond
(image I used in my latest scrap on Moving On)


abie said...

hi sis,

nice pictures. Na-i-imagine ko brother mo. For sure, nakakatawa talaga itsura nya.

Ok tong event na to ah. Our family also love gatherings bu we have never tried this.

Btw, i tagged u: http://howellabie.blogspot.com/2008/02/6-quirky-things-about-me.html

Happy weekend

jan celiz-magtoto said...

hey abie! it was a fun weekend. try niyo rin some time. then share with us the pix too! thankies for the tag! be posting it in awhile!