golden years of sisterhood

I always find it sweet seeing my mom and her 2 sisters sit together while they swap their amusing stories. The topic could be trivial, like "what's the color of your nail polish". Or it could be something serious, like "why do they want GMA to quit her post!" (they're GMA fanatics even if most Filipinos hate her!). Of course they say this in Tagalog, with really (and I mean REALLY) high-pitched voices. Kapampangans are known for that, speaking their hearts out in loud voices. You would think they're engaging in a vocal tournament! At least that's my --- and my sisters, observation.

I love this picture of them together, sitting quietly, after a tiresome debate. I thought of making a scrap out of it to make it precious with a tone of seriousness. It kinda gives emphasis to the saying "blood is thicker than water".

Credits: Sueli Colbert_my moment kit , Adeyeo_garden kit

Journaling: With the different lives we now live, days spent together are considered sacred. Though we seldom see each other, our bond grows deeper each day.

I'm planning to have this printed and framed, 8" x 8". I'm pretty sure they will appreciate this. Especially if they have their own copy each. I wonder what frame color would suit it best. What do you think? Hmmm...

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