shouting out my feelings!!!

Ok, ok, ok. I admit. I kinda neglected my hubby last night because I was so hooked watching the senate hearing on the ZTE broohaha. I was so emotional watching it! I was even close to tears when Sen. Joker Arroyo got furious (obviously) at the senate's star witness Jun Lozada. This afternoon, while I was scanning my files, I saw this thing I give to my counselees to help them see where their feelings stand on a particular item. And I told myself, "Why don't I try answering this one too?"

1. Today I feel very--- ADHD-ish (there are a lot of things going on in my head)
2. I enjoy --- staying under the sun to get a tan, tan and more tan!
3. I am unhappy when ---
what I cooked for me and my hubby isn't masarap
4. I feel good when ---
hubby loves what I cook!
5. I wish my boss --- would join me and my officemates sa UP Fair this friday (hehehe, safe answer!)
6. My officemates think --- i'm serious and reserved (well, tama naman sila di ba, nyahaha!)
7. My work area is --- cold but relaxing! (but sometimes it gets kinda lonely kase alone ako dito sa room ko)
8. I enjoy reading about ---
people's way of seeing and living their lives
9. I like myself best when ---
I meet deadlines, capture great photos, create cool digiscraps, cook sumptuous meals
10. If I had a choice I would ---
bring my hubby to Camiguin Island (again) and live there! (money and career has to be considered, you know)
11. I wish --- it's vacation so hubby and I could go to the beach
12. Tomorrow I would like to --- finish more tasks and submit my weekly report

I'm tagging my blogmates abbie, anne, icay, joanne, mari, myls, noi and rhoda!

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