valentine's day: MUST or BUST

Disclaimer: This blog entry is not meant to spoil the V-day atmosphere that most individuals (couples, singles, divorcee) look forward to. It was written to voice out the author's opinion. Tabi-tabi po.

Over lunch today, the topic in our pantry was about L-O-V-E. Each and every soul in our work area was so willing to share his and her thoughts (even experiences!) about loving, being loved and hurting. And so I pondered on this ad that QTV showed which said: is valentine's day --- must or bust.

Way back in college (I can't recall if I had this same feeling in High School), I've thought of V-Day as (sorry to use this word) corny. I simply think the event got too commercialized. You go to the grocery and you see chocolates overflowing. The decors are all red. Restaurants are filled with a lot of couples. Flower shops double the prices of their items. The traffic is so darn jammed. And just these past few days, the Frenzy condom ad was too visible! (It was too visible that 2 of my Middle School 5 counselees were asking if it tastes good esp. that it has a lot of flavors.) Whoa!

To me, Gino and I don't need V-Day to show our love for each other. We have every minute of our lives to do just that. With this way of thinking I have, Gino gets to save up a lot of moola
for more meaningful days (say, our 1st wedding anniversary). But then again, maybe not! You see, it's his birthday today. Yep. And after my monologue about busting V-Day, I am now eating my words. I can't really do that, right? I mean, V-Day is my hubby's birthday. Oh well. It's his birthday we're celebrating, not the V-Day. Nyahaha!

Oops. Just my opinion friends! No hard feelings. Here's a little someting for you guys:

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