it's a blog world out there!

I was a doubting Thomas the very moment my inbox was filled with forwarded messages about making an extra income through paid blogging. I would often find myself saying, "How in the world?!" with my left eyebrow higher than the right one.
And then a thread about this very same topic began in the n@wies forum. And in than moment, after stalking my fellow n@wies' blogs, I realized that indeed, there's a dollar sign in today's blog world out there!

I was in every page of ging's blog when i saw this post on blogsvertise. And as fast as lightning, I found myself reading the How To's of paid blogging through blogsvertise! Registering at blogsvertise is as easy as 1-2-3! And in less than a minute, I have my blogsvertise account already. Well, I'm just waiting for their approval now if I could write for them.

Photos of registered members are posted on blogsvertise's site. And seeing their photos is a testimony itself that these people are earning while they have fun writing! Now who wouldn't like a taste of that! You get to do your passion, which is writing. And at the same time, you get an extra income. It's having the best of both worlds!

"I could get used to this", I told myself as I completed the final task of activating my account. After all, way back in High School, I have
always dreamt of writing, professionally. And this opportunity with blogsvertise might just be the beginning of a dream-becoming-reality. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Farah said...

hi jan!

sarap mag paid blogging. i just started last january and right now, i am enjoying every cent that i am earning through pb. although di ko pa naman talaga sya nahahawakan kasi di pa sya natatransfer ng SR sa paypal account ko.
mag eenjoy ka sis sobra!
welcome to the wonderful world of paidblogging!


mari said...

sis, start pa lang yan :) you can try other paid blog as well. pm mo ako para i could refer you. hati tayo sa share ko... hehehe :)

btw, if there's a way that you can have the vaccine against chicken pox, do so. I had vaccine na before but I still got it (my mom might have forgotten to let me have the booster kaya ganun).

stay safe...