family affair

February is synonymous to celebration because 3 of my sisters and my husband are all The-Love-Month celebrants. Last night in my mother's house, with everybody feeling festive, we planned a Kainan Sa Kubo in my Mama's hometown in Pampanga. With the long weekend ahead of us, we chose Sunday, February 24 to be The Date for our day of hearty meals, hilarious games and heavy laughter.

Meals were assigned to everyone. Take note, assigned! So if the meal assigned to you takes up a lot of cash from your wallet, then that means you were not assertive enough! I made sure I outwit them all by volunteering to prepare the dessert (and my other sister will also share a different sweetened treasure). To make sure everybody doesn't forget her assignment, we made a rundown of the things to prepare.

Take note of the last line: bring magic sing and inflate the swimming pool!

Before Gino and I left my Mama's house last night, I heard my eldest sister shouting out that there will be additional meal c/o Kuya Dave. And if I heard it right it's his oh-so-famous sizzling steak! Oh my good Lord! I can't wait for Sunday!

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