the day i lost my job

Yep. You read it right. It happened friday of last week, the 15th day of February.
It was Reedley International School's Teachers' Day. And I lost my job to my Lower School counselees who got to experience how it was like to be a Guidance Counselor for 40 minutes.

Having 70 counselees, it was a tough choice who would play my role for 40 minutes. Eventually, I decided to choose 4 Koreans. I wanted them to know how it feels like talking to students in a personal level. Jess (Jang Won Hee) and Sarah (Yoon Hyo Jeong) were lucky enough to experience counseling first hand! Or were they unlucky? Haha! Jess, my Lower School 3 counselee, was barely done with the orientation when 2 of his classmates were reffered by their Teacher because they were fighting. I could see Jess sweating in the 18degree coldness of my room! After 20 minutes of counseling, Jess shared his experience in English saying something like "It was difficult. I was thinking of the solution to the problem but it was just here in my brain. And ____ was waiting for my solution." Sarah on the other hand wanted to try it out so we called-out a Lower School 2 kid. Sarah asked her personal information and she thought it was a weird feeling talking to a person in that manner.

Mia (Kim So Hee) and Jessica (Suh Yu JIn) weren't able to counsel any students as they had to help me finish some paper works. I guess all of them enjoyed the experience though. After all, they really dressed up for this occasion, with their collared blouses & skirt (for the girls) and the polo with necktie for Jess.

As a sign of gratitude for helping me out for a day, I gave my 4 counselees a bar of Choco Mucho and a magic pencil each.

A Thank-You note attached to my tokens.

A picture of Mia helping me out typing some important documents.

Thankies so much kids! I hope you learned something from it. It was a great experience for me too!

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