rejection... but not quite like it

And so I finally received a reply from Blogsvertise. As the title points out, it's a bit of a rejection. But not quite like it. The admin said I didn't have enough traffic yet. No hard feelings though. I expected the message I got. As I told one of my blogmates, "I'm still a nobody in the blog world" and the idea of paid blogging might be far fetched.

A day after I got their response, I read Mari's post on blogging How To's, and a realization came to me. Why pressure myself in getting into the paid blogging world this soon! Here was my thought bubble:

I want to enjoy writing. I should write not because I want to earn and draw my own pool of crowd. I should write because I want to express myself and release whatever thoughts of creativity I have in me. It's just going to be a bonus if readers keep comng back to read my blog and see my digital crafts. If I keep pressuring myself into paid blogging this early, the content of my blog might suffer. It might lack the quality I want it to hold. So for now, I'll first have fun typing on my keyboard the essential matters I think of, as often as I could. And hopefully increase my traffic soon! And when I've gained enough popularity, that would be the time I would seriously pursue paid blogging. No pressures for me for now. I'll just type my way into the entertaining world of blogging!

Now that's a spunky way to deal with a "...the b
log you submitted has been put on probation status...". Hahaha!


Farah said...

dont fret, jan!

i know the feeling. until now, i havent gotten any opps from blogvertise yet though my site was approved already. but i am not giving up :) have you tried submitting your blog to sponsoredreview? okay ang site nya ha! i get all my opss from there. bid ka lang ng bid la pa pressure sa deadline. let me know if you need help sis!


mylspretty said...

hay so true. enjoy blogging and writing to your heart's content. why bother with someone "judging" what you write? it takes away the fun in blogging.:)

glad to be part of your traffic. ;)

mari said...

hi jan... don't lose hope :) maarte ang blogvertise. siguro mula nung maaprove blog ko sa kanila, mga 4 pa lang nakuha kong opps (puro grabbed pa yun, at hindi talaga nakalaan sa akin). agree ako kay farah... marami pang iba jan :D

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