on moving on

There comes a time in our lives when we feel torn apart. Shattered. Broken. Crushed to the depth of our soul. Overpowered by pain. Yet there is not a single word that would even come close to describing our suffering. We would find ourselves with endless questions left unanwered as to how and why we fell into this bottomless pit of agony.

Whether we admit it or not, we all, in a forgetful time of our lives, experienced the pain of failing and losing. I believe that pain and suffering are all part of God's plan. It teaches us so much about loving. Whenever we're in that situation, it is but normal to feel helpless. But there is no need to be harsh on ourselves. Or to that person who has caused us the ache. We don't need to rush ourselves in breaking away from all the hurt. We should give ourselves enough quiet time. Solitude, as I always say it. Connect with our inner selves. And eventually, come running back to God.

The year 2008 has started on a bad note for some people very dear to me. With all honesty, I would give anything to comfort them. Though I'm a guidance counselor by profession, I am no expert in this gift called life. A scrap with a prayer on moving on is the most fitting encouragement i can afford.

Credits for this scrap: Mary Giles_framed , Anne Schlegel_sing the blues kit , Font_Cigno

God of my journey, there is a part of me that is dying and a part of me that is coming to life. Renew in me a deeper trust in you. I don't know how I shall move on. But I'm placing my life into your welcoming arms. (Praying Our Goodbyes)

There was something I wrote in 2004 that I'd like to re-post here. You might agree with the thought I tried to point out (and I still believe in what I said here).

"coincidence does not exist in this life. things happen for a reason. and reason is the wind that touches our face. we may feel it... we may not. we may know it... we may not. we may understand it... we may not. so don't try to catch it. for reason will come if it has to."

If you had the choice, would you change that sorrowful part of your life? Or would you rather re-live the pain? And learn from the experience all over again?

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