my november 2009 desktop calendar

It has been proven time and again how my husband and I love the outdoors. Whenever handed out a rare chance to travel, we grab it right away and flee to a new vacation destination. The fact that we don't have our own private transportation yet does not stop us from moving around. There are disadvantages when traveling without the comfort of your own car, that is for sure. But most of the time, being adventurous commuters definitely add fun to the trip.

Here is my November desktop calendar showing 2 photos from our weekend at the Coffee Farmhouse last August. Credits for this November 2009 quickpage goes to Sandra Milie from her Once Upon A Time kit. Hugs to you Sandra for sharing this work of yours!

So, where are we off to this month? Sshhh. I will let you know soon!

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Arty Crafty Settie said...

hi jan! i'm loving your blog. it's good that you and your husband get to travel a lot. i hope i can too, with my husband and kids of course. we just might next month, on our 15th year anniversary.

keep up your good work jan!