thanksgiving party

It feels good to know you made somebody happy. But if you hear and see this happiness comes not just from 1 but 17 children, the feeling is just overwhelming!

To share the abundant blessings my husband and I have been receiving lately, we thought of visiting the children of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal in Pasig. We bought packed meals from Jollibee and some loot bags for them. Because we didn't prepare any parlor games, we had enough time to catch up with the kids! An exchanging of funny stories were made. There were reflective ones too. We found out some of them have left to join other organizations. There were also some additions to the family too. Ten months of not seeing them made us realize we have missed quite a lot of milestones!

The thanksgiving party was another event that humanized me and my husband.
Every now and then, we all need to experience such because it teaches us to share what we have and be selfless. Like what my husband always says, "God blesses us so we can be blessings to others".

More photos HERE.

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