discovering laiya, batangas

The last time I found myself there was in the year 2000. Back then, I remember disliking its beach because it was spoiled with trash and was a bit crowded. But just last month, discovering Laiya, Batangas was a kick-off experience! With a budget to consider for our day-tour, what happened on the last day of May was truly surprising!

The beachfront of La Luz Resort in Laiya

Having read much raves about it, La Luz Resort was once considered. However, knowing we would be limited to the buffet lunch included in their day tour package, we thought cooking our own meal was way better for our big tummies. Kudos to a fellow blogger who goes by the name Demeter, who's post about La Luz Labas convinced me and my family to spend the day in Manang Ely's hut.

Manang Ely's hut, otherwise known as La Luz Labas

Cheap but decent. That would be the best way to describe the huts offered by Manang Ely. With rates ranging from Php2000 - Php4000 (depending on its capacity), travelers will be assured of a quiet, safe and budget-friendly vacation just 3-4 hours away from the hustle and bustle of Manila.

My husband and his buddy in their snorkel gears

What my husband loved most about our day tour in Laiya, Batangas (aside from grilling marshmallows, hotdogs and seafood) was the marine life. His voice filled with excitement, my husband described the fishes he saw in various sizes and hues just a few meters away from the shore. Remarkable!

Me and my husband in our quiet moment

Our total expenses for 6 Adults & 1 Child? Accomodation - Php2500, Diesel - Php2000, Food & Beverages - Php1000, Kayak Rental - Php200/hour (rented from La Luz). For inquiries on Laiya, Batangas accomodation, call Manang Ely Sulit at 0920-6192060.

More photos HERE.

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Unknown said...

I missed La Luz! The last time I was there was 2005 with our whole team (15-25 peeps)!

Snorkeling is so much fun because you got to see different marine life. I even see Nemo...hehehe.

Beware with the jelly fishes because some of my friends were caught before by their stingy tentacles which really hurt according to them.