candle fascination

Since my teen days, I have always been fascinated with candles. Its colors. Its scents. Its small flame. Lighting an ordinary tea candle even puts me in a trance whenever I'm in my lonesome. I remember back then, wishing that I would learn in time to make my own candle designs.

And just yesterday, I found a place where I could purchase candle making supplies! Candle-making is as easy as 1-2-3 because they sell various candle jars for you to use in molding your preferred candle design. They have votive candle molds, tart designs, brick candle molds and even crescent moon molds. Now wouldn't that keep you glued to candle-making as a hobby!

Of course, candle-making wouldn't be complete without adding a lovely scent to it that would match your personality. With various fragrance oils offered at CandleScience gift-giving this coming Holiday season will definitely be much easier. I would love to try their Coconut Lime Verbana and Rain Water scents. I think that would be a great gift to my UP buddies. Ever heard of soy wax? That's a new innovation in candle-making. At CandleScience, they even offer you a video showing candle-making using soy wax. This new discovery gives me more reason to get excited about Christmas. Now all I need to do is learn the skills of candle-making!

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