pilates for dummies

Believe it or not. My husband downloaded me a full-length video of Pilates for Dummies. Why? Because I really need one. Buzz. Reality check! My fats have found their comfort zones in my body. Lower tummy area, arms and legs. And it's so frustrating to see cellulites on my used-to-be-firm thighs. Arrgh!

My husband said, "We can't go to the beach next summer looking like this", also referring to his bulging tummy. My husband has grown so conscious like me! But he's not going to do Pilates. He has his own routine. I'm sure it's going to be very challenging for me. But as Michelle Dozois said in the video, do it one at a time until your body begins to adjust to the routines.

I hope to try on it this weekend.=)

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