the holiday project

The minute my husband and I learned about tomorrow being a holiday, we got excited as we began planning how we would spend it. Will we go on a WednesDATE? Will we clean our home? Ow will we stay in the roofdeck and have a bottle of beer?

I suggested that we go to Dapitan Arcade in Kanlaon St.in Quezon City and look for Christmas decors. He agreed it was a nice chance for us to haggle the prices for pre-Christmas shopping. I also suggested going to Farmer's Market to buy seafoods. Which he agreed to because he wanted me to try a new recipe I found (gambas baby, gambas!) But then again, I have 3 worth-watching movies in my flashdisk and they're shouting "Watch us tomorrow!" We have the Jet Li-Jackie Chan starrer
Forbidden Kingdom, the 1993 true-to-life film of the Uruguayan team trapped in the Andes mountains entitled Alive and the 1989 humor-filled movie called Weekend at Bernie's.

Hahaha, isn't it funny? After all the planning, the holiday project becomes a lousy popcorn day.

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