my husband has the virus

My husband has been hit by the virus! The blogging virus, that is.

Over the weekend, he kept contemplating if he could maintain his own place in the blogosphere. "What would be the theme of my blog? How shall I call it? Will I have my own pool of avid readers?" Being articulate himself and assertive of his thoughts, I am absolutely sure he would have his own crowd. Although I advised him not to let his blog appear to aggressive, of course I fully support him of entering the blogosphere! For the longest time, I have been convincing him to let the world listen to everything he's got to say. Whether it be about politics, education, computer hacking, money matters, parenting or shopping --- my husband always has a thousand kick-a$@ words to say!

Blogmates, I'm pretty sure you'll read his posts too. Don't worry. He's not after paid blogging. He just wants to speak his mind. Abangan!


The Wifey Diaries said...

Hi Jan! Can't wait here. Keep me posted!

Joy said...

Good luck to your Hubby!!!!!! all the best!!