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Since I am preoccupied this week with stuff related to leadership (see related post), I think it is okay for me to bring that up as a topic in coffee break.

In high school, I remember my teachers always appointing me as a leader, be it in a group activity or as a class officer. Guess what I would do... Refuse the position being assigned to me. I just didn't like responsibilities. I wanted to be normal --- meaning, free to do what I want, unmindful of whatever people will think of
me. To me, being a leader meant that you have to be a role-model. You have to be cautious of your words and actions because you are influential. You are the motivator and inspiration. And back then, I didn't want to be one.

Up to this age, I would still try to run away from leadership tasks. This time though, I simply cannot. Gone are the days when I can sweet talk my teachers to spare me the role. Now, I realize that there will come a time in a person's life that we really have to step up and play certain leadership roles. I say certain because I bel
ieve that we are all leaders in our own ways. The only difference is that some people are born leaders while others are made. And I think I fall in the latter.


The Wifey's Journal said...

Done! Wonderful, Jan! It made me think. Haha. Love it!


Fresh Pair PH said...

If leaders are born, leadership skills might be discriminating. If leaders are made, even the laziest fiend can become one.

But I think leaders are made. It can't be genetics. It can't be destiny. Leaders are made out of their own desire to become what they are. One can have the gut instinct to become a leader, but with inaction that instinct is reduced to a passing thought.

theworkingmom said...

Done, Jan! Here's my take.


Princess Vien said...

I'm done!


Unknown said...

Hi Jan! Here's my answer - http://reejane.blogspot.com/2008/09/coffee-break-ver-137.html


Tes Tirol said...

sorry at di ako nakakapag-kape jan ha... bawi ako this week... will be back to post my take




Rean Tirol said...

We are born with a seed of talent and leadership in us. The measure of it varies from person to person. Our parent's play some role in uncovering this latent ability. It will be how we respond to life's ups and downs that fully unleash the leader in us.

Leadership is about value judgements in trying times. Its about doing what's right when its not popular. And these attributes are developed in a jail cell in Egypt, Vietnam or the Philippines. It is developed in street when we stand for what is right. It is developed when you say no to drugs when everyone else does it. It blooms when you say no to what is convenient.

Leadership is character. And Character is made.

Thanks for posting your thought provoking article.

Unknown said...

We attended a national SW for campus student advisers last August and this question was asked. Nakakatawa because one speaker shared what they've discussed in an international class which he attended: An old man answered the obvious: Leaders must be born first! Oo nga naman. One can't be a leader or whatever if he/she was not born, di ba? Haha! Then he is made. Ayun. ;)