new nike shoes

First of all, I apologize. You won't appreciate this post that much because I don't have a photo attached with it. But I hope you still read it.

Saturday was a tiring yet a day full of discovery for me and my husband as we explored every corner of the Marikina Riverbanks Mall. My gosh... the outlet stores they have there are worth seeing! I got so excited I didn't get to buy anything for myself! But it's perfectly okay, really. Why? Drum roll please... Because my husband was able to buy a new pair of Nike shoes for an eye-popping bargain prize of Php1,350.00! Its original prize? Php2,030.00! That's an amazing 66% discount!

While on our way home, my husband and I listed down our Christmas gift list. With all the original and brand new-yet-discounted items we have found there, we'll surely make our loved ones happy this Holiday season.

Be going back to Riverbanks Mall this coming weekend. For my stuff this time! <wink wink>

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