invading trinoma

Before I start with my post, promise first that you won't laugh at me. C'mon... Say it. P-R-O-M-I-S-E. Alright, that will do. Now here goes.

Last Saturday was my first ever visit to Trinoma. Wait! You promised you won't laugh at me! Why do I see your mouth stretching!

Let me explain. I am NOT a mall rat. My husband and I only go to malls if we need to buy something. That would mean just one mall. Robinson's Galleria (because it's so close to our home). We would rather dine out in stand-alone restaurants (is there such a term?) than go to the crowdy malls. I just can't stand it when people brush over my shoulders!

But last Saturday, we just had to go to Trinoma because it was my mother-in-law's birthday blow-out, sponsored by us (and my sister-in-law). And boy, was I amazed at what I saw! Most of the establishments my hubby and I go to are there! Dairy Queen. Taco Bell. Gerry's Grill. Sbarro. Mexicali. Yellow Cab. California Pizza Kitchen. Brother's Burger. Bubba Gump. Chef D' Angelo. Italliani's. Congo Grill. Not to mention the other Must-Try restaurants we have seen featured in various TV shows! And then the clothing and shoe stores are there too! Bayo. Ginger Snaps. Apple & Eve. Freeway. Kamiseta. Maldita. Kashieca. Plains & Prints. People are People. Kisses & Co. Celine. Alberto. Shoe Salon. Aldo. VNC. Schu. And the soon to open Charles & Keith. Of course, there's Adidas and Nike for our I-wanna-be-sporty side!

With such a long post, is it too obvious how much I love Trinoma? Hehehe.


Joanne MV said...

You don't have to worry Jan, I feel the same way when I first went to Trinoma and that was like a months back.

After my first visit, di na kami ulit nakapunta. Layo eh =P

The TriNoma Experience said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for blogging about us! :) You should check out our third and fourth levels for the al fresco dining experience. Check out our blog to see the latest in TriNoma! :)

theworkingmom said...

Jan, I won't laugh at you. Because, I'VE NEVER BEEN THERE! Hahaha! I've seen the exterior but that's it, never set foot inside the mall yet!