a session with the spirit questors --- part 2

A session with the Spirit Questors

We all opened our eyes, looked here and there to make sure everyone was in the circle --- confirming nobody stood up to switch the toy pumpkin light on and off. It was also made clear to us that the cold and soft wind we felt did not come from the sealed windows. There were no fans or aircons turned on. And although it felt cold, I felt sweat dripping on my temples. The cold wind was obviously made by the entities we welcomed in our circle. And what kind of entities were they?

The head spirit questor tried to communicate with the entities. Take note --- entities, in plural form. There was a water fairy, fire fairy and a dark (most probably male) entity. The water fairy was said to be good, just roaming around the house --- lying on the bed beside the husband, playing with the fax machine, watching over the couple's 5 year-old son. Although she is a good one, her presence in the house should be felt less as she develops a close attachment to the child. The dark male entity is, well, a dark and violent one --- responsible for the broken glasses and giant muddy footsteps. The fire fairy slams the doors. This one, with the dark entity, creates and deepens the conflicts of the residents in the house. So why were they there? The head questor was told they were dwelling in the couple's home because of the arising tension everyday. The arguments, yelling, conflicts, violence --- the couple's married life that was getting weaker invited them to stay in the house. So what should be done?

The couple was advised to fill their home with a good family relationship. Less fighting. Less violence. More understanding for each other. More attention and nurturing for their children, especially the young son. These will keep the dark entity and the fire fairy away from the family. They were also told to put an aquarium in the living area, a part of the house where the water fairy frequently goes to. An aquarium, or any item with water on it (painting of a water falls) will attract the water fairy and lure her away from the young son. The spirit questors reminded the couple and the rest of the group to avoid creating portals for non-human entities. Portals are their doors to our world. Below are 3 portals we humans unknowingly create:

1. a room that is hardly used (storage room, attics)
2. mirrors facing each other
3. a mirror facing a painting of a living thing (plants, persons, animals)
4. strained family relationships

A month after that night, everything was surprisingly quiet in the couple's house. Up to this day, the aquarium is still in their living room. The mirrors in the bathroom were changed to abstract glass etchings. Our experience that night seemed unimagineable --- feeling the presence of non-human entities. I didn't even think they existed. It was both scary and risky. But it definitely was a night full of learning.

*We were told by the spirit questors to change clothes and take a cold bath as soon as we got home. According to them, there had been instances when entities they've encountered followed people who joined the circle. A cold bath was said to drive them away.


Unknown said...

Wow! May I make a mental note about the things that contribute to attract "entities".

Thanks for sharing sis :)

The Wifey's Journal said...

Happy weekend and Happy Halloween, Jan!