forest club: an earthly terrain

A month before my mother-in-law's birthday, Gino and I thought of giving her a surprise birthday treat. We considered dinner at a fancy restaurant offering authentic Filipino cuisine. But then, that is not something out of the ordinary. We searched the internet and found this not so new tourist destination in the heart of Laguna. The next thing we knew, we were confirming our reservation for a daytour package for 6 adults and 1 child at Php525 per pax inclusive of 3 meals!

Gino and I loving the rainforest ambiance
at the Forest Club

The Forest Club is an earthly terrain found in Barangays Puypuy and Masaya in Bay, Laguna. A family owned resort, once you enter the gates of Forest Club, you will feel the warm Filipino hospitality with the way its staff welcome you. You will feel quite lost in the vast landscape with tall trees, abundant flowers in various hues and the sound of cascading water on the hot-spring pool.

My quiet moment by the hot-spring pool
with the sound of cascading water
from the man-made falls

The Forest Club has various activities for its guests depending on a group's needs. An ideal teambuilding venue, eco-adventure programs such as Survival, Trust and Field, Filipino and Pool games may be availed at a reasonable rate. Imagine facing your fear of heights by traversing a 10-foot high canopy walk. Or braving a mud-filled 25-meter long crawl course. How about testing your strength by pulling yourself at the bamboo raft floating on the 2-feet deep man-made lagoon?

Gino trying the bamboo raft

My mother-in-law had an incredible time at the Forest Club last weekend. It gave her another chance to bond with my mom. As we left the gates of this tourist venue from our daytour trip, we all had one and the same judgement for Forest Club: at a reasonable rate, the experience it provides its guests is world-class!

More photos HERE.

The Forest Club is found at Barangays Puypuy and Masaya in Bay Laguna, right after University of the Philippines in Los Banos. It is about a 2-hour travel time from Manila. To see instructions on how to get there by private or public transportation, click HERE. To know more about the Forest Club, visit their website HERE.


ART'S WIFE said...

That place is so nice sis! :)
P.S. I have changed the URL of my blog. the new one is:

(theasbitsandpieces.blogspot.com is gone)

thanks sis! :)

RAM said...

We are so glad you enjoyed your stay at the Forest Club. We would be more than happy to have you visit us again soon. Just let us know at www.theforestclub.com

P.S. I hope you don't mind, but we've posted a link to this page on our web site.

geneviev said...


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aboynamedxander said...

our team was here last monday.. the experience is unforgettable.. Amazing..