6 blogging tips

Congratulations! I see you have discovered the beauty of recording your musings through blogging. It is indeed comforting to be able to share with the rest of the blogosphere all of your heart’s reflections. But how does a blogger survive the world of blogging? Here are 6 blogging tips I have summed up based on my own humble experience.

1. FIND YOUR NICHE. If it is poetry, novels and other literary-related pieces, then write about it. If you are into photography, post your photos and talk about the hobby. If you are an expert in technology, write about computers and other gadgets. Let your blog stand out by posting entries that have the same theme! You don’t want confusing your followers on what your blog is really all about.

2. UPDATE. You want your readers to keep coming back, right? Then by all means, update your blog! You don’t have to write every single event that transpires in your life. But do update regularly. You don’t want your followers to keep seeing outdated posts.

3. KEEP IT SHORT BUT SENSIBLE. Did I say novel? No, I did not. I said it is a blog so keep it short but sensible. Avoid writing novel-type posts. However gifted you are at writing, chances are your long posts will bore your readers to death. If you can’t avoid posting long entries, divide them into parts. With that, you leave your followers something to look forward to. And they will surely come back for more!

4. LINK-UP. You blog because you want to build bridges. Hurry up, link your favorite blogs and ask them to link you back too! Think of it this way --- You scratch my back, I scratch yours. It is a simple gesture of paying it forward.

5. BLOG HOP AND COMMENT. It’s a blogger’s unwritten etiquette. You blog hop and make your presence felt by commenting. It makes you popular too. Remember, when you blog hop and leave some love, leave smart love! Don’t give dull comments. Otherwise, they won’t blog hop to you.

6. PROMOTE. Again, the idea is to create a following. So, promote your blog! Join forums. Comment on social networking sites. Personalize your email signature with your blog’s address included. Submit your blog to Google, Yahoo, Technorati and other search engines. Keep joining but always remember to share just the basic info.

Those 6 blogging tips will definitely boost your blog. It did mine! Now go and start blogging but don’t forget to show me some love and do numbers 4 & 5! Have fun!


bog'sblog said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the tips!!! I will follow and guide your tips!!!

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I hope you can drop and add in your list and delete the un forgetable blog sorry for inconvience!!!

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☺sAvIe said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I seriously agree with some of your tips! Especially the comments one;)

Joanne MV said...

Very well said sis Jan :)

Amen to all the things you've posted ;)

Liway said...

Hmmm..! Interesting..right right.. but what do i do, im a professional illterate whn it comes to compter stuff.. Thank God I survived blogging! \

Will ask the egyptian princess whenever, okies!