survivor israel in caramoan

Caramoan, a secluded paradise off Camarines Sur, has attracted every corner of the world after it was first featured in the Survivor French edition. After several months, the Bulgarians conquered the island next. Finally, curious of what the paradise truly offers, Survivor Israel has shot their own version of the reality show at the Caramoan Peninsula.

The shoot was conducted during the scorching heat of the summer months from March to April with a production cost amounting to a whooping $7 million. Survivor Israel brought in the Caramoan island 25 castaways plus a hundred-plus production crew. So what did the Philippines get from this reality show, aside from the world-wide exposure? Locals were asked to support the crew, with about 80 Filipinos coming from Manila and close to 200 native Bicolanos getting hired during the duration of the project. Now that's tourism at its finest, employing Filipinos while showcasing the country's vast and rich landscape.

Watching that interesting teaser above, my feet begins to feel itchy. It makes me want to drag my husband and friends to the island and have our very own survivor Caramoan experience!

Trivia: Survivor Israel will be shown (not in the Philippines) on October 2009. It shall be called Survivor Philippines, the first time ever for the show's season to be named after the host country.

UPDATE (July 28, 2009): As of press time, Youtube has deleted the teaser video.

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