bully-proof: be nice, be kind, assert your rights

Bullying is never acceptable. The best way to respond to bullying is to stop it from happening.

This year's Grade School Anti-Bullying Campaign is called BULLY-PROOF: Be Nice,
Be Kind, Assert Your Rights. It says Be Nice because Bully-Proof students know how to listen to victims. Whenever you see a classmate being bullied, you support that person. You help him cope with the situation. But you NEVER, ever, tell him to retaliate. This year's campaign says Be Kind because bully-proof kids respect people. You celebrate diversity. You understand that we all have differences and you never bully your classmate just because he is different. This year's campaign says Assert You Rights because bully-proof students are smart --- they speak and stand-out. You walk away from the bully. You tell a teacher about the bullying.

The morning of the Anti-Bullying Campaign in Reedley International School, all Grade School students were given pins as symbol that Reedley students are bully-proof. They made a pledge as well, proudly raising their right hands as they vowed to stay bully-proof all throughout the year. Strongly believing these students will stay true to their commitment, we. the teachers, are hopeful that students in other schools will be bully-proof as well.

Be nice. Be kind. Assert your rights!

All photos courtesy of Gerald Diocades.

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