unable to do my regular routine

Although I often have cough and colds, I rarely get a fever. But when I do, it stays with me more than a couple of days.

Hit with a slight fever since afternoon of Saturday, I am still bedridden with a temperature that ranges from 37.2 - 37.4. The dry cough that comes with it does not help at all, as it adds to the agony of being unable to do my regular routine. (Well, at least I can blog, and it gives me comfort). I am only taking paracetamol, careful not to self-medicate on my cough. Thanks to my husband, the refrigerator is loaded with fruits. Aside from filling my empty stomach, I think taking fruits, is what's more important than drinking cough tablets.

There. I feel hungry again. With my husband in his office (I didn't want him to go on-leave today), I have to cook my own lunch. It's a good way for me to get out of bed too and feel less sickly. Oh, are those droplets of sweat falling on my temple? That must be a good sign that I am getting better! I will soon be back doing my regular routine!

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Kero said...

Hi Jan! I hope you feel better now. Continue to drink lots of fluids and maybe you can go on detox diet with those fruits hehe.

A vacation maybe to the Philippines that is why i am training Andreas to eat whatever is easily available there. If God's willing, i don't mind spending the rest of my life here in the desert hihi.

Be well!